About us

Who am Svante

  • More than 30 years experience as manager for development and as line manager in research and development companies and in development projects.
  • Have made new developments in mechanical engineering in areas as diverse as from steelmaking industries to fully automated transit cars and in both large corporations and in smaller companies.
  • Have managed projects where unusual out-of-the-box thought processes have been needed because of limited time and budget available to develop a project. The projects have covered the complete cycle from the generation of an idea to the production of material for purchase and manufacturing of a prototype, all the way to developing the necessary tests to secure the function of the product before release for production.
  • The most successful projects have been developed using teamwork according to roles that have been agreed to in the team. The projects have been developed to a level so that the product can be manufactured to a high-quality level and then can be reproduced –  therefore solving the project within the agreed time limit and according to budget.
  • Have served on standards committees for European railway couplers and also on U.S. standards committees for crash-management for rail vehicles.
  • A natural leader in teams with open communications, with a great interest for technique, with a focus on the goal and a focus on delivering a product according to the function and in accordance with the agreed budget and within the allotted time.
  • Experience areas: automated vehicles, rail industry, steel industry, and nuclear power plant industry.